Rick van Genderen

Richard Van Genderen began life on the wild plains of southern Africa, immersed in the lessons of wilderness survival. The essence of education and moral judgement impressed upon him by his parents, coalesced with his own daily observatiom of narure’s laws, ultimately shaping his core creative vision. Immigrating after boarding school graduation, Richard moved to the USA and then to Europe in search of traditions of drawing and painting techniques.

Decades of rigorous experimentation and practice work followed and eventually the professional artist slowly emerged.(See vangenderenstudio.com)

Richard van Genderen has a growing body of nature images offered in very small limited editions that reYeal his unique and authentic capability in expressing our shared connections and interlocked destiny with the natural world. (See wildplantsart.com) The resulting images arc finding a resonant cord with shared sensibilities within
collectors across the nation and internationally.