Sea Horses

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There are more than 30 different kinds of seahorses. These endearing forms of ocean beauty inspire and fascinate. Seemingly so familiar yet really we see them only as fleeting glimpses in their wild liquid domain. Hidden among seaweed and coral in changing combinations of strategic surface colors and body appendages. Seahorse varieties grow from less than an inch in Pygmy seahorses to Pot Bellies that seem enormous at twelve inches. Having no teeth, they feed through their narrow snouts by sucking up tiny sea organisms. In procreation the male aids the female by carrying her fertile eggs to term in a belly pouch. Found in most of the world’s temperate and tropical coastal waters, seahorses are in danger by humans from over- predation. Their scientific genus “Hippocampus” is derived from the Greek words “hippo” meanting horse and “campus” meaning sea monster.