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Mermaids beckon to us through the mists of myth and rise up out of the watery depths of our dreams. For many they have slipped on the guise of mortality. In Irish folklore they are referred to as “Selkies”. According to legend, mermaids and mermen are the swimming dwellers of Atlantis after it sank beneath the waves. Mermaids live in a kingdom of ocean depths hailing surface travelers with gestures and enchanting songs–fear and magic tangled up in sea foam and longing. Ancient Babylonians, Greeks, and explorers in the age of discovery like Columbus, spied half-human half-fish sirens of the seas. Mermaids are a universal mystery celebrated across cultures.

A mermaid found a swimming lad,

picked him for her own.

Pressed her body to his body

laughed and plunging down,

forgot in cruel happiness

that even lovers drown.

-WB Yates